Commercial Terms

Commercial Terms


The PASSCO Company offer will refere to the following:


Enclosed please find our offer incl. delivery and assembly of steel guardrails.

Our offer is without engagement. Prices do not include maintenance. service. removal of damages etc. for the duration of the installation.


Traffic protection is not included and task of the customer.

Prices quoted are net plus VAT if applicable.

Prices quoted are only valid unless all items are ordered.

We reserve the right of an agreement on a material escalation clause.

The prices quoted are calculated on the basis of todays wages and prices and

require a construction work without obstacles.

An order for individual items of our quotation can only be accepted with our

written approval.

If not clearly indicated in our quotation. prices quoted do not include work on

Sundays. holidays and during the night.

Working days are - except of national holidays - each day from Monday until


The posts of the different guardrail constructions are always rammed into

ground classes 3-5. as long as drilling is not specifically required in the tender.

Our quotation do not include any kind of drilling. surfacing. excavation and/or

concrete works. as long as they are not specifically indicated in our quotation.

The customer is responsible for the filling of holes.

Should there be a rise in material. transport or labour costs during execution

we are entitled to charge these costs.

Should the quantity exceed or fall below 10 %. or if you change items we are

also entitled to require a modified unit price.

Our prices are without engagement and are based on todays calculations for

the quoted items. except for items not known before quoting.

Should there be a change of these costs. we reserve the right to alter our


We will invoice any item not indicated in our contract.

If the execution of a work is not possible. due to circumstances. caused by

you. we are entitled to claim for damages.

We are entitled to cancel the contract if you should prevent us to execute our

work properly or if you do not pay an time.

Hourly wages will be invoiced acc. to the contract.

Warehouses within a radius of 10 km for the storage of material will be

provided by you free of charge.

Verbal agreements have to be confirmed in writing.

We emphasize that for the performance of our works the roads to the site have

to be accessible for our trucks.

The site has to be accessible for our assembly trucks.