PASS+CO Company Presentation

Pass+Co Company Presentation

PASSCO is a traditional. medium sized family run steel processing operation based
in Wilnsdorf Siegen since 1852.
The range of products and service provided are Vehicle Restrain Systems for
roadways and bridges to national and international specifications.
PASSCO Steel Safety Barriers is the oldest German producer of steel safety
barriers with its own manufacturing operation.
For many years. the management and employees of PASSCO have been members
of associations (IVS. IVSt. ERF. IRE) and served an committees where they furthered
the development of German and European specifications.
PASSCO supplies customers directly and indirectly in many countries and
undertakes projects for clients in the home market and abroad. 

History of PASSCO

The origin of PASSCO is in Siegerland where ores have been mined for centuries

and iron production shaped both the land and its people. A high performance iron

and metal processing industry developed in this area.

PASSCO was established in 1852

Originally. sheet metal from rolling mills in Siegerländer were used to make ash

containers. oven pipes and steel tanks.

The founder of the company. Hermann Müller. was one of the first to introduce

autogenous cutting and welding methods in the region. In 1893 he retired from his

active duties in the company.

His son-in-law. Heinrich Pass. joined the company and marketed the product range

even outside of the region. For example. he went to East Prussia and introduced the

galvanised water bucket where up to then only wooden pails were used.

The operations were expanded every year and in 1906. a galvanising process was

added to the sheet metal plant

Heinrich Pass retired in 1935 and transferred the management of the company to his

son-in-law Carl Hiekmann.

In 1937. production was relocated to Siegen-Weidenau into the Industriestraße.

The number of workers and employees grew from 50 in 1910 to nearly 300 in 1960.

Steel safety barriers have been produced since 1955 and coated intemally in the

galvanising plant. The companys own assembly crews and sub-contractors installed

the safety barriers an roadways.

PASSCO Supply and- Performance Referehees

Steel safety barriers have been produced in Siegen since 1955 and treated in the
internal galvanising plant. Installations are undertaken by the companys own
assembly crews and sub-contractors.
PASSCO steel safety barriers are supplied and installed in many countries.
Business relationships exist with customers in the following countries:

  • Belgium. supply of various materials
  • Bosnia Herzegowina
  • Denemark. supply of various materials
  • France. supply of various materials
  • Iran. Expressway N 1 supply and installation
  • Ireland. MS Industries Ltd. Dublin: Cashel
  • Israel. Netivey Hamifratz: supply of various materials
  • Croatia. supply of various materials and installation. Bregana-Zagreb-Dubrovnik
  • Motorway
  • Luxemburg. supply of various materials
  • Netherlands. supply of various materials
  • Norway. supply of various materials and installation
  • Austria. supply of various materials
  • Poland. supply of various materials and Installation M4
  • Turkey. various projects. Kinaly-Sakarya Motorway
  • Chechnia. supply of various materials
  • Switzerland. supply of various materials
  • Hungary. supply of various materials
  • Projects in all Federal States and Annual Contract. Berlin.
  • DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßen- und Straßenbau GmbH: A 20 Wismar-
  • Rostock Los. 1-4 244.80 km