Trinity Systems - EURO-ET

Energy-Absorbing Guardrail End Terminal

The EURO-ET™ offers specifiers and installers the latest innovation to the world’s most advanced guardrail end treatment.

The European version of the ET-Plus™ meets or exceeds EN 1317-4 P4 criteria. It is specifically designed to meet European highway safety specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy-absorbing guardrail terminal.
  • EN 1317-4 P4 Compliant.
  • Impact Severity Class A (ASI ≤ 1.0) for all tests.
  • Galvanized, all-steel construction for longer life and durability.
  • Tall, narrow extruder head.
  • Addresses anticipated future side impact testing criteria.
  • Softer ride down for smaller vehicles.

Installation & Repair Advantages

  • Light-weight head facilitates installation and repair.
  • EURO-ET™ head is typically reusable after a design impact.
  • Hinged Breakaway Posts (HBA™) easily reset after end-on impacts.
  • Tangent or 25:1 offset installation is suitable for retrofit of obsolete turn-down terminals.
  • No concrete footings required.
  • Median (central reserve) or shoulder (verge) applications.


  • Pay length: 12 meters.
  • Hinged Breakaway Posts (HBA™) at Post #1 and #2.
  • Standard C Posts at Posts #3 - #6.
  • 4-meter w-beam sections.
  • Post spacing: 2 meters.

EURO-ET™ is the first EN 1317-3 P4 compliant guardrail end terminal that meets the more demanding Impact Severity Class A (ASI ≤ 1.0) category for all tests.